Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Games begins

Wow- what an opening ceremony- that is what everyone is talking about and rightly so. My highlights
Queen and Bond
Mr Bean
Amazing torch lighting
Well done Mr Boyle a great story told and in a truly British fashion

All a bit different down here in Weymouth. A few of our team members made the trip to London while the rest are remaining focused for their racing starts today.
Instead we had the alternative opening ceremony fully clad in our kit.

For me yesterday was a fairly busy day - up forecasting as usual and then sorting out radios followed by heading off to pre-record something for Meridian and then do a live interview. Sadly the link broke and the rest off the team were unable to work out how to change the channel to itv so missed my ridiculously small claim to fame!!!

Anyway we had an amazing turn out on Weymouth beach to greet the sailors - must have been 3000+ people - just another example of this country really getting behind the team.

Mood in our camp is high with winds looking moderate to fresh tomorrow for the start of racing. Finn, Stars and Match Racers will be up tomorrow. Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed - but the skill, the hard wok and the knowledge will get this team the results they deserve.

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