Monday, October 10, 2016

Heading south

So this is just a short blog, more a reminder to people of whereas go, as I head out to the wedding of the year in Australia. Jo and Dale are getting married and the on-tour gang are getting back together.
Weddings are expensive they say but how can you turn down an invite Oz. A great excuse to go and see a bit more of a very large country, in surface area but small in population, as it would appear a large part of it is blinking hot and very barren. I am not sure where I am going to go or how but with a few pennies I am hoping couch surfing and hitch hiking will give me some interesting experiences.

But as always  despite knowing my departure time for at least a month the days ticked by and I found myself this morning hungover more than ever (Ellie D perhaps you can tell me how I got home) and holding onto the big white telephone (I am stealing that Abby) head throbbing thinking how am I going to pack and get to the airport! Nevermind leaving to house in some semblance for Els to return. I am going to say it was the cats while I was away!
In some haze I have made it to airport and am now on full food and water intake contemplating whether I should be concerned that my bag only weighs 9kg.
Guess 9kg of something is better than nothing, but travelling Libby is launched........