Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fremantle Doctor

Currently down under just south of Perth, in Fremantle, Western Australia in the build up the ISAF World Championships, where countries try and qualify for the Olympic Games in 2012. Great Britain is obviously already guaranteed they're slots as we are the host nation, however not all of the British Sailing Team have been selected yet - this will surely be a place for those wanting to go to make their mark

I have been down here in Fremantle for a week and when we landed it was a relatively cool 15 Celsius at night and only 23-24 Celsius during the day, some coaches were heading to the shops to buy jumpers. However, we the had 32-34 Celsius and 20 plus degrees at night for a few days followed by the wettest day in December for 30 years yesterday here in Perth

Thunderstorms and torrential rain put stop to day 4 of racing for the Match racers and day 2 of racing for some of the other classes, however today we are getting back to 'normal'!
Wrapped for the rain and storms 

Fremantle as a venue is famous for being windy, with the wind here named the 'Fremantle Doctor' - why you may ask?

The standard answer is because it is a  breeze winds that appears to generate from Fremantle and bring welcome respite to the hot summer temperatures. I believe the doctor part was established due to the fact that the sea breeze comes in blows away a lot of the flies that potentially transferred more disease- though I can't remember where I read this officially

But, today for racing the Fremantle Doctor is in and I am off to provide the British Team with some further updates on the conditions and expected wind strengths for the day
Check back tomorrow for a better explanation of the Fremantle Doctor