Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Games begins

Wow- what an opening ceremony- that is what everyone is talking about and rightly so. My highlights
Queen and Bond
Mr Bean
Amazing torch lighting
Well done Mr Boyle a great story told and in a truly British fashion

All a bit different down here in Weymouth. A few of our team members made the trip to London while the rest are remaining focused for their racing starts today.
Instead we had the alternative opening ceremony fully clad in our kit.

For me yesterday was a fairly busy day - up forecasting as usual and then sorting out radios followed by heading off to pre-record something for Meridian and then do a live interview. Sadly the link broke and the rest off the team were unable to work out how to change the channel to itv so missed my ridiculously small claim to fame!!!

Anyway we had an amazing turn out on Weymouth beach to greet the sailors - must have been 3000+ people - just another example of this country really getting behind the team.

Mood in our camp is high with winds looking moderate to fresh tomorrow for the start of racing. Finn, Stars and Match Racers will be up tomorrow. Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed - but the skill, the hard wok and the knowledge will get this team the results they deserve.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1 and a bit days to go....!!!

Summer is here and the wind has we bask in 22-26 Celsius along the south coast, sorry Scotland and North Wales I appreciate it maybe a little foggy and drizzly there, we are also some what floating around today in very light winds. Should probably spare a thought for those that did the offshore race in the Commodores Cup - floating around to the east of the Isle of Wight.

Opening Ceremony 

As I am powered by the sun (much like Superman!) I am obviously adoring this weather - however it makes for some tricky forecasting conditions and therefore a tricky days work! Some people are never pleased.....'Where is the sun?' followed by 'Where is the wind?'

So what do we have in store for the start of the Games? Will the 'real rain' at the Opening ceremony actually be lost in real rain?  Will it be wet windy or hot hot hot?
SUNDAY First day of racing

Well the temperatures are cooling and change is afoot on Friday with a cold front heading south. It look like cooler conditions and the odd shower will affect the most places. We will then see a moderate to fresh WSW airflow will cover the area for Sunday - day one of racing

Air temperatures are expected to be cooler than the 26-28 Celsius we have had lately only reaching 18-19 Celsius but still plenty of sunshine for the weekend.

Now to bed for me which, way should I have my bed spread- logos or writing?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

R and R'd and team built up

6 days until the opening ceremony, 6 days until Games begins. But this Team bus is all ready fully in motion.
For the Team GB sailing team , as for all the others, this event has started a while ago and we are now into the final stages of the build up to what many have waited all their lives to partake in and some 4 years to right some wrongs or just to make a little bit of Olympic history

We just had 3 days of R&R -  rest and relaxation and a little bit of final team building up in Reading. with a spot of Archery, Falconry (probably need to google that) and duck herding.....not just ducks but geese, white ducks, magpie ducks (might have made that up) and those tall standing really quick ducks.
Joe and Steve step up first
Much flailing of our herding sticks, failing to be able to blow the whistles at all for some and the rest not particularly well, we were back to the basic calls- think sheepdog trials that was on TV a few years ago that was us, or maybe just some well trained dogs and ducks!
Falconry resulted in us discovering there were a few bird phobics amongst us especially if the bird was to give you the evil eye or heaven forbid flap its wings - but Owl was gorgeous and falcon incredible at flying around u- even attracted a red kite to the area!
Here are a couple of other sneaky peaks behind are holding camp fun the team building and the evening entertainment....Pen Hadow was inspiring us on Thursday evening but great applause must go to the Murder Mystery characters

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Olympic fun and Games begin....

So I have been down in Weymouth supporting the Team GB sailing team now for three days and hopefully over the next 2 and half weeks I will be able to give you a sneaky peek into the things going on behind our lovely doors

The weather is on everyone's mind at the moment, with it being so relentlessly wet and I am sure the competition have been wondering how or why you would live, let alone go sailing here. You could argue that being use to the weather here in the UK should play to our advantage, but we shall see.

But the Games is upon us and more importantly the weather is changing, with the now infamous jet stream making the news again and more importantly making a move to the north. Dare I say the British summer is on it way but how long for......

While we have a little bit of quiet time Emilie and I thought we would sneak in and check out the food hall. Sadly there is not the world's largest McDonalds here (probably a good thing) but more disappointing was the lack of muffins
We had hastely got on our bikes to go to the village after rumours of amazing muffins- however we must have been the last to hear the rumour as there were non insight. Though non of our friends believe us and think we just ate them all on the way back - I stand by my first story!